The beginning of the year, especially January, is usually the period in which not much happens in the whole event branch, as well as in the field of presenting alcohols and cigars. However, we managed to realise a really interesting wine programme.
The wish of the client was to take part in a unique show, going beyond most often chosen tastings, such as “Introduction to the world of wine”, “A journey through the world of wine”, “The taste of the barrel”, or “The taste of great regions”.
According to the liking of our client, we concentrated only on one grape variety – Merlot. We conducted comparative tasting, opening bottles from almost all continents. Contrary to current opinions, it was confirmed that it is the terroir (climate, soil, conditions in the vineyard) which has the biggest influence on the taste of wine, and not the variety of the grape itself. Despite common taste and bouquet values of Merlot, the guests had the opportunity to taste both light, fruity and delicate liquors, as well as full, elegant and requiring great wines.
Each tasting, which is suggested by our company, is different, and it is even a bigger pleasure for us to conduct specially chosen wine meetings for groups with particular requirements. Not only can we tailor wines, but also and first of all, the subject matter of the evening. This certainly makes the tasting more attractive and is engraved in the memory of the participants.