We repeatedly remind our clients that we are able to adapt spirits to any kind of event. That is why Scotch single malt whisky is not the best idea at a Brazilian or Cuban party, on which there should be not only cigars, but also and mainly rums and liqueurs of unmatched quality.
Certainly, the type of spirits can be matched to a particular theme evening, but we can also find liquor among a group of spirits, which is the most appropriate for the guests.
While organising a meeting for a company with Italian origins, we can conduct a unique tasting of grappa, liqueurs or other strong spirits and wines. Their unusual diversity enables us to create many unforgettable taste and aroma combinations. For those who are fond of stronger tastes we suggest more tannin wines, of a richer structure, for example from sunny Sicily, and for the amateurs of white wines – refreshing wines from Orvieto.
On the other hand, for French companies and their contracting parties we obviously suggest such well-known regions as Bordeaux, Burgundy or Champagne, but we even more recommend rising stars from Languedoc or Roussillon with whose sweet wines it is impossible not to fall in love.
It is not only the kind of alcohol and its unique varieties, which are shown during tasting. It is mainly the theme of the meeting, which is always different. The issues touched upon are always adjusted to the participants’ interests, questions, origins or business connections with a particular social or national group.