We are very pleased to present you our new product, which we have worked on for the last two years. The meeting with chocolates is ideal tasting for women, as well as a great break during conferences and symposiums.
This time the participants of our show will be tasting chocolates and pralines of the highest quality. These sophisticated delicacies from the world’s leading producers will be paired with excellent liquors – such as single malt whisky and specially selected wine.
During these unique meetings full of milk, white and most of all dark delicacies, the participants will get familiarized with health aspects of chocolate and proper ways of its tasting and storing. We will share our experience on pairing chocolate with other products and will present the most important production regions.
Because of our experience, we will concentrate on pairing whisky and wine with chocolate. These two products are ideal as the finish of the meal they match with chocolate perfectly and change the taste of the cocoa delicacy. We will taste sweet wines such as Tokaji and Sauterns, as well as peat whisky from Islay and flavoured from the Islands.
Detailed information on the tastings can be found in “Offer” bookmark.