Within the last two months we managed to run the cycle of over fifty tastings for one of the leading automotive companies.
Each tasting was conducted in a different place and for different recipients and all the tastings were accompanied by introducing a new model of a heavy-loaded car.
Practically every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of October and November three teams ran whisky tastings in the most recess parts of Poland.
It was maximum 60 people that took part in one tasting and the main participants were men, although from time to time there were also women among the guests.
The participants tasted single malt whisky, which is the best type of the spirit. Whisky from different regions and from leading producers were really enjoyed by the guests which makes us even happier, because it gives evidence that our offer was well prepared and our liquors well selected. What is more, we did one contest during each tasting, which made the meeting more attractive. The guests were eager and numerous to compete in a linguistic game which was about guessing the names of distilleries, which produce whisky in Scotland. Very often the tasting was finished with the presentation of hand-rolled cigars.
During the whole cycle, three autonomous teams of experts and hostesses trained more than two thousand people.
We were successful in running the cycle till the end, which was not easy regarding the size and complexity of the undertaking.