Dawn Tasting

We have already had the chance to do tastings on coaches, ships and even a plane, but recently, for the first time, we have done it on a train.
In a specially designed conference railcar, we organized a complex and very long four-hour wine tasting. The meeting was accompanied by contests and ice-breaking games. At pale dawn, in order to wake up, we began with sparkling wines’ tasting which brought the participants into a good mood.
Next, we tasted white and red wines and the guests got familiarized with ways of tasting them, reading labels, as well as such curiosities as Polish wines. This part of the tasting was enriched with a multimedia contest, intriguing not only for wine connoisseurs.
In the third part we tasted noble cheeses, as well as white and red, but most of all sweet wines. This foodpairing, seemingly easy, was really enjoyed by the participants.
However, it was the wine auction that arose the biggest emotions. It is a game involving investing in wine, a simulation of actions taken by an investor buying the most prestigious wines on the London’s stock exchange. Thanks to our tips it turned out that you can earn a fortune on this alcohol if you carefully analyze prepared materials.
From the participants’ feedback we know that thanks to the tasting the journey was not only very quick and full of curiosities and useful information, but also it was the beginning of a really nice day for them.