Polish Wines Tasting is a chance to taste unusual wines and get familiarised with stories of people who, regardless unfavourable conditions, had enough passion, pertinacity and determination to start the culture of wine production in Poland.
The tasting of this hardly available liquor is also a possibility to get to know the latest trends in the Polish world of wine. The knowledge of Polish wine is unique, thanks to which the participants will join a small and exclusive group of people who will have the occasion to taste the native wine.
The offer, regarding its theme, is totally unusual. It is a show during which the participants will virtually "visit" the most interesting Polish vineyards. The taster will learn a lot about the specific character of local vineyards, problems that have to be faced everyday by their workers and chances which the Polish climate gives them. Until recently, such show would be impossible because of unfavourable regulations.
With a lot of satisfaction, we present all high-quality spirits produced in Poland, such as cordials, meads, starkas and vodkas. Polish wine is a niche product, dedicated to a conscious consumer who is looking for unusual and original sensations. Not less important is the patriotic aspect of the tasting too.
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