More and more Poles are interested in noble Polish spirits. Practically everybody produces or used to produce or taste a “home-made” cordial. Very often we want to compare the effect of our skills to the best Polish cordials and obtain some knowledge on the secrets of production and some interesting information.
During our tastings, there is a chance to taste not only highest-class cordials, but also exquisite meads and aged legendary vodkas.
There is a special program for organized groups, during which Polish and foreign delicacies are tasted. Thanks to this, every participant can present the liquor which a particular country or region is famous for. We organize such tastings in the English and German language.
For the most demanding clients, we can vary the tasting with hand-made chocolates and cheeses from boutique producers. Pairing alcohol especially with chocolate is an experiment on the world scale and it very often creates unforgettable tastes.
The meetings with chocolate may be varied with integration elements, such as a multimedia contest on the basis of chocolate. The participants are played fragments from films about chocolate and then they are asked about a certain extract presented on the screen. Everybody can successfully take part in this competition because it does not require any knowledge on alcohol.
As EURO 2012 is approaching, we recommend Noble Polish Spirits tastings as the addition to meetings for many international groups coming to Poland.