While organising many tastings, we are often asked to make the show more attractive. Our clients care about bigger interaction and establishing stronger relationships between the participants.
Specially for them, some time ago we prepared a “Team Building” programme which mostly relies on integration and games based on alcohol. For instance, the guests become wine investors and try to earn money on highest-quality liquors. Everything is based on authentic data from London International Vintners Exchange.
Groups interested in wine tasting can choose from a wide range of contests such as Recognising Aromas, Professional Keeper or Multimedia Contest.
Our latest competition is “Facts or Myths” Quiz. During this activity, the participants try to guess if the questions, connected with curiosities from the world of wine, are true or false. Among the questions, shown in the form of photo presentations and prints, are those that seem easy even for a layman but there are also questions that pose problems even to the connoisseurs of this liquor.
It is a very emotional contest with a big amount of interesting information useful in our everyday’s life. The guests familiarise with the world of wine in a pleasant and funny way.