In September, we had the pleasure to organise the first international beer tasting in Poland.
Grupa Żywiec, one of the leading producers of this golden liquor, invited crucial people of the brewing branch and its biggest hotheads to take part in a-few-day beer workshops.
Pick and Taste was to organise tasting and integrating contests for all the participants. We also managed to invite to Poland Jeff Evans, currently the biggest expert in the field of beer. He led the tasting of various beers from all over Europe. It was a blind tasting, the participants tried to guess which ingredients the beer is made from, which production method was used and how it should be served. The Pick and Taste’s idea of the tasting was really appreciated by the participants and the served beers repeatedly surprised them with their taste and aroma.
What is more, Jeff took part in the evaluation of the best beer prepared by Polish home brewers too.
Our role was also to arrange a facultative trip to London with visiting the most well known pubs and producers of the highest-rate English beers for the best bartender. Naturally, Jeff Evans accompanied the winner all the time.