The next month and the next contests and games for the tastings’ participants. With the view of even better integration and tightening bonds among our shows’ participants, we have introduced two new activities since the beginning of November.
Professional Keeper is a game, which will be played at each kind of tasting. The participants obtain four samples of liquid with a very low concentration of basic tastes and try to define which sample contains which taste. It is a very interesting competition, as the participants do not base on aromatic sensations but only on the taste ones.
The Contest of Toasts is an activity, which may be the variation for Noble Polish Liquors’ tasting. The guests get a list of toasts in the most exotic languages and have to identify which country a given toast comes from.
Professional Keeper and the Contest of Toasts are two next competitions, which were added to the Aroma Contest, Linguistic Game, Sommelier Quiz or the Back Tasting. All of them aim at introducing more interaction between the participants and the speaker, as well as loosening up the atmosphere and finding an alternative for the training form of tasting.