Last month we conducted a few demanding, although incredibly interesting tastings.
For the group of 190 people we ran wine tasting combined with exquisite dinner prepared by one of the leading Polish chefs. The menu included such wines as German rieslings, New World chardonnay, Chilean cabernet sauvignon, as well as aged Porto. Concluding from loud applause after the tasting, we managed to match the food and liquors well, thanks to which food pairing was so interesting for the participants.
Another interesting tasting involved Dutch cheeses presented during Connoisseur’s Corner for the group of 300 people. Our offer includes French, Italian and blue cheeses. The tasting of only Dutch ones was a new experience for us. During the show, the guests learned how to taste these delicacies, how to prepare Cheese Parties, how to cut and decorate plates, and how to pair cheese with wine. During the tasting we refuted a few popular, although deeply rooted myths, such as the one about pairing red wine with blue cheese.
What is more, at the beginning of June we organized tasting of the best champagnes for one of our patrons. Among the tasted champagnes were: Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and Dom Pérignon. Recognizing Aromas and Don’t Break the Bottle contests made the tasting even more attractive.