The gourmets of delicious dishes and extraordinary cuisine, the enthusiasts for slow food, as well as all caring for the highest sensations, also or perhaps mainly, during tastings, will certainly be interested in our developed offer of Noble Polish Spirits.
Since the beginning of July, we’ve had the pleasure to cooperate with the leading Herb and Fruit Vodkas producer, Karol Majewski and his Nalewki Staropolskie company.
It will be great pleasure to conduct the Polish Spirits tastings with these fully hand-made liqueurs. A special selection of fruit, detailed control of each production stage and, first and foremost, really vast knowledge and passion, give excellent result.
The tastings conducted by us have been enriched with not only exquisite liquors, but also an innumerable number of anecdotes and interesting stories connected with this noble spirit.
The worldwide interest in ecology, slow food movement, as well as selected products, allow us to recommend this tasting to You.
As all our events, also this one is conducted in an informal atmosphere. The participants have the occasion to familiarize with numerous photographs, films and curiosities on Polish liquors, as well as try their luck in organoleptic competition.