More and more people are interested in tastings, which are combined with plays and alcohol games. Our clients can choose from numerous attractions, which vary the evening spent with exquisite alcohol: recognizing aromas in wines and whisky, blind tasting, linguistic game, tasting in black glasses or wine banking.
Until now, games have been played at almost all our tastings unless someone decided to have the whole programme included in Alcoholic Team Building.
In October, one of the biggest information technology companies in Poland was offered tasting combined with the art of independent whisky making.
At the beginning of the tasting, the participants are initiated into the world of this delicious liquor. They are given information on the production process, the art of blending whisky and ways of vatting the best distillates. Next, in groups, they get ingredients – whisky single malt, and by means of measures, pipettes and other professional tools create their own aromatic-taste composition.
In the end all the participants, in blind tasting, not knowing what they are tasting, evaluate each of the new blended malt whisky and the winners get unique awards.