Wine and food

In the beginning of March one more time we had the pleasure to carry out another wine tasting combined with an exquisite dinner. Not only the supreme quality dishes are becoming trendier amongst our clients, but also spirits, which are even more emphasized by the gustatory sensation of these varied dishes. 
To such sophisticated dishes like: wasabi cheesecake with tuna tartar, foie gras, pork loin in pistachios with red wine sauce or vanilla creme brule with marinated strawberries in balsamic sauce we were able however to match the perfectly merging wines.
During the tasting, a couple of “wine stars” appeared, such as the sparkling wine from Luxemburg, the Italian gewürztraminer, the riesling from New Zealand, Israeli shiraz or for the perfect ending of the evening the German riesling auslese.
The participants had each time a choice of two wines to each dish, what meant that they were becoming more and more interesting and fully bloomed in their taste.
This tasting is the first one that we had a chance to carry out with the collaboration with the Warsaw restaurant that belongs to Katarzyna Figura- KOM. Since recent times we have been collaborating with all the top restaurants from the neighbourhoods of Warsaw, including, except KOM, Ale Gloria, Moonsfera or Papaya.