In August, despite holiday period, we managed to conduct a few very interesting tastings in quite original places.
We have already organized a tasting on a ship a few times – during a cruise in Mazurian Lakes, short sea voyage or a Vistula trip. However, the last whisky tasting of sea, seaweed fish and sea salt taste made a great impression on the Participants.
Each tasting is done in a different way and with the use of different products in order to adapt to the character of a particular event. This time our Client was offered the tasting of rum and fortified wine, such as madera, porto or malaga. Their taste and aroma, as well as incredibly interesting history, ideally match a sea cruise. However, the Client preferred tasting dry whisky.
Another interesting tasting evening accompanied an event called “Prohibition” and complemented the Guests’ struggle in gambling. We have repeatedly stressed that we are able to match alcohol and cigars to every kind of an event and this happened here too. The group of over 500 people got familiarized with the secret of noble bourbon, whose land is yet Las Vegas.
 “Dwarfs in Wonderland”, “Prison Party”, “Years of People’s Republic of Poland” or other thematic evenings, to which we are able to match appropriate liquor or cigars, is only a part of offer described in a detailed way on our website in "Services" bookmark.