Just before Christmas, on 19th December, Pick and Taste co-created a ”Personality of the Year 2008” gala.
The main organizer of the event was an all-Poland monthly for the line of meetings and events – MICEPoland. During the gala there were three categories of the winners: the client of the services, the organizer of the services and the manager of the building. It is worth mentioning that the jury, which was to decide on the winners as well as the awards, consisted of thousands of people from the line of business and not a sparse number of specialists.
Pick and Taste was a sponsor of the gala in the field of noble wine, hand-made cigars and Polish liquors. During “the connoisseur’s corner” we familiarized our guests with basic terms connected with cigars, such as the foot, the body or the head, as well as with the ways of lightning the cigar and delighting in the tobacco.
Additionally, those who were more interested were let into the world of high-quality Polish meads and cordials, as well as Dionysus’s liquors from the most interesting wine regions in the world.

All who would like to learn more about whisky, wine or cigars are kindly welcome to our website: www.pickandtaste.pl and the Encyclopedia bookmark, in which they can find both basic, as well as more detailed information on alcohols and cigars.