Well, we bottled our wine but it still does not have any label. It is very important if we want our wine to be popular because it should persuade the client to buy exactly our bottle instead of others widely available. Before putting the label we also have to decide on the bottle we want to use. Generally we can distinguish between three types of bottles: Bordeaux, Burgundy and the German type. Different grape varieties need different, appropriate bottles but this is another long story.Our label should consist of some most important information. First, there should be the name of our wine or the vineyard where it was made. Second, we should state the vintage, the type of grapes or wine, the region from which it comes from, alcoholic degree, the bottle capacity and alternatively: if it stayed in a barrel and who bottled it – the vineyard, the cooperative or the merchant. On a back label we can shortly describe our product, the history of our vineyard and we can recommend dishes that it matches best. Different wine regions have different terminology and their own system of determining quality. The label can be very helpful in choosing wine. All information contained there should bring closer the taste of the wine, which is inside. However, it is worth remembering that it is the combination of a few pieces of information, which lets us presume what wine we are dealing with. Wines can be really diverse so it is very difficult to describe them with one or two characteristics.